Meeting and Exceeding Warehouse Lighting Standards

Here at Parker Lighting, Inc., we use our extensive knowledge of all things lighting to exceed warehouse lighting standards and ensure that your business is illuminated exceptionally. Warehouses are home to different types of working conditions with different demands, and each area has its own lighting needs. Warehouses have many of their own concerns, such as long operating hours and a need for proper lighting for loading and unloading. Of course, efficient lighting is always a large concern as well.

Loading docks can be particularly hazardous areas, especially for night shipments. High levels of illumination are often required to read safety labels, follow safety standards, and navigate storage pathways. It is often important to have vertical and horizontal lighting in open storage areas for moving stock in and out safely. None of that is to mention lighting warehouses offices either. Warehouse lighting standards are dynamic, but the right lighting consultant can get the job done!

Outdoor warehouse lighting

Illuminating Your Workspace

That’s why we have a track record of working for our customers to find the lowest cost with the highest quality. Parker Lighting, Inc. helped the Los Angeles port save 80% in their warehouse lighting bill by implementing computer controlled LED lighting. Our knowledge and experience in lighting allows us to meet all warehouse lighting standards while still saving money. LED lighting in particular has helped provide brighter lighting with less energy consumption. As one of the most prominent suppliers in Los Angeles, we’ll make sure your warehouse is stocked with the right lighting products to make for a safe, cost efficient environment that works for you.

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Warehouse stock lighting

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