Include “Smart Lighting” for Better Home Security

Include “Smart Lighting” for Better Home Security

For over 60% of Americans, feeling their homes are safe is the most important advantage of integrating smart technology.¹ Simple to install (and use), while rich in functional benefits, smart lights can be an appealing addition to the security package for your homes, reducing a potential buyer’s risk and worry in three key ways. العاب الخيول

Access from anywhere
Most people know that terrible feeling when you can’t shake the thought you forgot to do something. Using app control, smart lights eliminate some of that anxiety by ensuring connected lights and appliances can be managed from anywhere, at any time. Plus, with many customers looking to buy products that give them remote access or monitoring via their smartphone, this is an effective point for making sales. So, whether it means remotely turning off a coffeemaker on a rushed morning, or setting an automated scene to appear present when away on vacation, control that goes where they go grants the peace of mind buyers want. كيفية لعب لعبة بينجو

Ward off­ possible dangers
A straightforward tip for improving a home’s security is maintaining well-lit entryways and exteriors. Visibility is the nemesis of a burglar, and studies show that simply using porch, patio and landscape lights can serve as a deterrent to potential intruders. But who has the time, energy, or memory to manually flip property lights on—and then off—every day? Even timers require resets regularly to keep up with daylight cycles. Smart lighting makes this tactic as effortless as it is effective. قمار Users can easily schedule lights to turn on as evening falls, or can time it so the fixture by the front door, or over the garage, lights up just as they are due to arrive home. Alarm systems actually work best when they don’t have to work at all, so using lights as a step of prevention can ultimately make your customers both feel and be more secure.

Part of a Bigger Picture
Smart technology, like smart people, has an understanding that collaboration is a good idea. Voice control through assistants like Alexa and Google Home has brought a new level of ease to using all manner of technology in a house, and it can be an especially advantageous method of controlling smart lights when safety is on the mind—whether that means preventing accidents when arms are full of groceries, or acting fast after an unexpected noise downstairs late at night.

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