Human-Safe UV Light Solutions to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 Infection

Human-Safe UV Light Solutions to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 Infection

Healthe announced the expansion of the Cleanse® Series that uses UV light which the company claims to be safe for human exposure to continuously sanitize public environments using UV light

The UV light equipped series include Cleanse Portal, Cleanse Downlight and Cleanse Air-Sanitizing Troffer. The Cleanse Portal is a free-standing walkthrough arch sanitizer, similar in size and shape to a metal detector, that inactivates bacteria and viruses on skin, clothing and goods with a dosage requirement as low as 20 seconds. The Cleanse Downlight combines general illumination with human-safe Far-UVC sanitizing light to clean air and surfaces.

In addition, the Cleanse Air-Sanitizing Troffer, according to Healthes, draws room air through a HEPA/Charcoal filter, then exposes the air to UVA and UVC light that targets remaining airborne pathogens, achieving a 99.9% kill rate in the expelled air. The UV components are contained within the Troffer to prevent human exposure.


Fred Maxik, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Healthe noted, “We’ve known for decades that UV light is a powerful disinfectant, but prior products were not safe for human exposure. Our products utilize a specific wavelength of Far-UVC light that is similarly effective in killing viruses and bacteria but does not harm humans because it cannot penetrate our skin or eyes. It represents a new light that we can live with, not one we need to run from.”

The UVC radiation can be safe for human skin with the wavelength of 222nm, according to the research of Kobe University and Ushio, as LEDinside covered in April. However, Healthe did not specify the wavelength of the UVC light used in the new products.

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