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5 Resolutions you must make in 2020 for your lighting needs

The US LED Lighting market is projected to cross the $10 billion mark by this year. Given this trend, let’s look at some of the most important

This image shows before and after photos of a customized retail lighting project. When traditional lighting fails, it turns green (as seen in the photo) distorting clothing colors for months before finally shutting off.

resolutions that we should keep while making lighting decisions this year:

1. Make better choices: Shift to LEDs
There’s no doubt that LED Lighting has swept the traditional lighting markets. As LEDs get more affordable with improving technology, the days of high utility bills are almost over. Prices of LED

Lights have been falling for the past five years and with easy affordability, high efficiency, durability and low maintenance, they make it so obvious for operators to go for them, instead of choosing traditional lights.

Being a highly efficient lighting technology, LED lighting has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in the US. Their widespread use has the greatest potential impact on energy savings across the country. According to Energy.gov, by 2027, widespread use of LEDs could save about 348 TWh (compared to no LED use) of electricity: This is the equivalent annual electrical output of 44 large electric power plants (1000 megawatts each), and a total savings of more than $30 billion at today’s electricity prices.

2. To make better choices, look at all the options together
Making comparisons between choices is an ideal way to make better decisions. Judging the benefits of different lights by comparing several factors such as quality, features, cost, etc. to choose the one that best fits our requirements. When faced with such decisions, we can examine one option at a time or review all our options together.

In a study recently published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, people who viewed options together identified the best product more times than the ones who chose individually.
This has perhaps something to do with the possibility that with all the information in front of us, we compare the options more thoroughly and can identify the best option more easily. But, when faced with viewing options one at a time, we tend to form an overall judgment about each option and then have to go back and compare.

Here are some criteria to consider as you evaluate different lights:

  • Cost: One of the major criteria for projects is its budget. Hence it is important to decide on a price range and compare LED light price quotations of the same brand or similar brands.
  • Features: The features of a fixture outline its most important attributes that you might want to consider. It is imperative to decide on the features that best suit your requirements as you clearly would want to avoid paying extra for features that you don’t need at all.
  • Operating Hours: Rated life, often referred by the number of operating hours until the LED lamp is emitting 70 percent of its initial light output is one of the key factors to decide on a luminaire. Most LED lights come with a rated life of up to 50,000 hours and some even premium fixtures like IKIO’s Superia UFO High Bay and Prima UFO high Bay come with 100,000 hours.
  • Warranty: Every LED Light comes with its own warranty period and taking that into your considerations while choosing fixtures for your projects can have a significant impact.

3. Make informed choices: Read Warranty Terms carefully
A warranty is a manufacturer’s written agreement to repair a product or refund your money should the product not function properly. Manufacturers whose products are sold at retail by authorized dealers typically authorize them to deliver documents that contain the manufacturers’ undertaking with the products. ivermectina farmacocinética Manufacturers’ warranties are often framed in terms of assurance that the goods are free from defects in materials and workmanship and sometimes manufacturers undertake to repair or replace their products when a defect arises, for a certain period of time.

Some manufacturers cover only certain aspects of the fixture or its use while some cover the entire fixture with its components and add a disclaimer for its unspecified use. Take, for example, IKIO’s warranty conditions, which warrants the entire fixture including the LED, driver and fixture housing and clearly outlines its disclaimer for product damages caused by failure to follow installation, operating, maintenance or environmental instructions prescribed by IKIO or applicable electrical codes.

Hence, it is ideal and imperative to always read a warranty in its entirety, including the fine print, and ensure to understand its terms clearly. can i put ivermectin in dog food

4. Look for Safety Ratings that meet the desired application
Most of the LED lights sold in the United States have been tested and rated by an independent product safety certification organization. Underwriters Laboratories gives these products a UL Listing, and Intertek gives an ETL Listed mark. side effects of ivermectin overdose in dogs A RoHS certification would suggest a product’s compliance with the Restriction of the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS).

Every lamp would also come with IP (Ingress Protection) ratings to define levels of sealing effectiveness of the fixture against intrusion from foreign bodies and moisture.

In the case of explosion-proof LED lights intended for use in hazardous locations, it must contain IECEx and ATEX certifications, which describe general requirements for the construction, testing and marking of light fixtures for explosive atmospheres.

Since the food processing facilities are cleaned with high-pressure washdowns using corrosive chemicals. The lighting in these spaces is required to be NSF Certified to endure these tough conditions so that they contribute to the maintaining of a clean environment while safely lighting it up.

Every safety certification is unique and depends on the product and its intended application. Carefully accounting for these safety ratings vis-a-vis the light’s intended environment is an absolute necessity before considering any LED light.

5. Capitalize on Energy Savings and Rebates
Rebates are an effective way to see the return on investment for your new LED lighting system in a few years. Of the 2,500 utility companies in the United States, 800 of them offer some form of a rebate for LED lighting projects and it is important to make use of these rebate programs managed on the state and municipal levels to get a leg up in savings.

In the States, energy-efficient products including LED Lights are eligible for rebates from utility companies and state governments. In many cases, users are also offered tax exemptions and tax credits. Although requirements vary by state and utility companies, there is one common requirement:

The Qualified Products List by DesignLights Consortium (DLC) includes high-quality and high-performing LED products. A project by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), the major mission of DLC is to ensure the implementation of improved design practices in all areas of the commercial lighting market.

Residential LED products with this label are eligible for rebates. Products that earn the ENERGY STAR label meet strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the US EPA helping you save energy and money while protecting the environment. Look up rebates and special offers near you on ENERGY STAR certified products here.

Lighting products are required to be subjected to rigorous laboratory tests and both the ENERGY STAR and DLC Listed labels guarantee high performance and qualification of those tests. Rebates make LED products much more affordable and at times even reduce their costs below that of the traditional lighting systems that don’t qualify for these rebates. A major thing to also remember is that many incentive programs are limited by a budget or expiration date and you risk missing out on them if you wait too long before upgrading to LED lighting systems.

This article is courtesy oc Ikio Led Lighting (ikioledlighting.com)

LED Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room

People love to feel at home, even if they are, in fact, visiting.

Out of all the rooms in your home, the living room might be the hardest to decorate. It’s the room where you’ll spend most of your time in and the room to which your guests will come. ربح مجاني Ideally, the living room should evoke the feeling of warmth and cheerfulness, while also being relaxing yet vibrant at the same time.

People will easily forget how the furniture in your home looks but will remember how the room atmosphere made them feel. Did they feel welcome and chatty? Or did they perhaps feel somewhat gloomy and uncomfortable?

Now, of course, you’re not decorating the living room four your guests specifically. This is a place where you should feel most comfortable to spend time with your family, play with your kids, read, watch TV, snack, study or just rest.

In order to make an accommodating atmosphere that will allow you to fully enjoy your living space, you need to consider the lighting in your living room. You can have the most beautiful paintings, spaciousness and elegant furniture – it will all be in vain if you don’t compliment your living room with adequate lighting.

The Right Type of Lights
When choosing the lights that will best suit your living room, keep in mind that they are the ones that will be turned on the most, so opting to buy LED living room lights would be very prudent, if you’re interested in cutting your electricity bills and you’re not a fan of changing light bulbs every few months.

In general, different types of lights create a different atmosphere. Think about what type of light you need? For what purposes? For instance, if you have a favorite armchair that you enjoy reading it, you should look for a floor or a wall-mounted lamp. This way you’ll have a light source that will help you focus on your usual activities. Ceiling lights will light the whole living room and can make it feel more spacious and inviting. Accent lights are an amazing way to subtly show off your art pieces and furniture, and combined with ceiling lights, they give a subtle hint of intimacy in the living room, making it an ideal space for both relaxation and conversation.

It’s Hard to Choose One
There are so many LED lighting ideas for a living room that we could go on about them forever! Each lighting variation seems so charming that it really can be difficult to choose the perfect light to shine on your living room.

When choosing LED ceiling lights for living room, consider the style of your furniture and the rest of your home and see which ones would fit your taste best. If you’re going for the modern, artsy vibe, an excellent choice would be to have LED bulbs that hang from the ceiling and create that industrial-funky-warm atmosphere. If you enjoy inviting friends over for dinner and a glass (or two) of wine, we can’t imagine more adequate lighting than this.

For those who are a bit more conservative and not too keen on experimenting, opting for lighting that’s closer to the ceiling itself might be just the thing you need. This low-key modern style would fit into any space imaginable, and when dimmed, these lights are able to create an equally artsy atmosphere as the hanging LED bulbs.

If daring is your middle name, you could consider getting a pendant-like LED ceiling lights. As the name suggests, they look like necklace pendants and come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from subtle to over-the-top extravagant. قوانين البوكر بالصور

Even more versatile than these amazing ceiling lights are lamps. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose between the wall-mounted, table, floor, and chair lamps. Here are a few living room lamp ideas that are guaranteed to take your breath away. Just promise you won’t blame us if you get inspired and spend a few bucks on an unplanned lamp shopping spree!

Floor Lamps
When buying a floor lamp, it’s best to choose one that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Needless to say, there are numerous styles to choose from, but a floor lamp in your living room is already a style-statement, to begin with. Contrary to popular belief, floor lamps don’t have to be bulky and take up a lot of space. There are loads of beautiful, minimalistic options that rely on the practicality of LED strips and take full advantage of a sleek, metal lamp frame. Additionally, you can make use of the lamp shape to create infatuating effects and a cozy atmosphere!

Table Lamps
Aside from the living room staple – His Majesty the Couch, a table is often a centerpiece of a modern living room. While it wouldn’t be the most convenient thing to put a lamp on that kind of a table, there are all sorts of flat surfaces in your living room that would benefit from the beauty of a stylish LED lamp. Try experimenting with round-shaped lamps. They look like they’ve just come out of a contemporary style lover’s dream!

And if you’re a fan of subtle, yet imaginative living room decorations, you’ll probably find brass lamps to tick off all the right boxes. العاب ربح نقود حقيقية

Of course, if you don’t like the modern style at all and you’re not into experimenting with light, we’ve got good news for you – LED lighting does not necessarily equate to ‘modern’. You can always choose a traditional looking LED lamp and still enjoy the perks of its longevity and lower electricity bills.

Wall Lamps
For those that are short on space in their living room, getting some wall lamps might be the best thing to do. Not only are they practical, but they can also decorate your walls in the most surprising ways!

The symmetrical patterns these lamps create when their lights intertwine are nothing short of genius. Even if you don’t have any artwork in your living room, your guests will have the feeling you hired an interior designer to decorate your home! However, if you can’t stand symmetry, there are still plenty of options for you to consider. You don’t have to create any specific shadow patterns; you can just get a wall lamp for the sake of saving floor space.

If you’re planning on throwing a lot of parties in your living room, multicolored LED wall lights might just be a perfect option for a house-warming party… and all the subsequent parties as well.

Living Room Lighting Tips
While decorating your living room with different lights is exciting, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

The light shouldn’t be too close to any piece of furniture of a person. For instance, if you want to invest in a floor lamp too keep next to the couch, pay attention that the bulb doesn’t get in the way of people sitting on the couch

  • Consider the shape of the lamp and the direction of the light it emanates
  • Consider the fact that some lamps are meant to serve more as a true decoration that to perform their basic function
  • The color of the bulb cover will influence the color of the light. So if you’re not a big fan of green walls, maybe skip the green lamp, no matter how beautiful you think it is
  • Invest in light dimmers. They can change the vibe of your living room within seconds

What type of lighting do you prefer for your living room?

Top 13 Christmas Lights Safety Tips

For some, the holiday season starts the day after Halloween while others prefer to wait until they’ve carved into the Thanksgiving bird to decorate their home in red and green. Whether you’re an early bird or a week-of decorator, most homeowners can agree that hanging Christmas lights will be the most time-consuming task for the holidays and one of the most dangerous.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Christmas lights cause 40% of Christmas tree fires, and overall decorations caused more than 15,000 injuries resulting in an emergency room visit with falls being the highest at 34%, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Knowing how to properly install and maintain your Christmas lights could be the difference between happy holidays or more than just chestnuts roasting over an open fire. Here are 13 safety tips to follow when decking the house with Christmas lights.

Tip 1: Replace Old Or Damaged Christmas Lights
Before plugging in last year’s Christmas lights, inspect their condition to make sure they’re up to par. Check for cracked or frayed cords, wires poking through the insulation and sockets without bulbs.

It might seem tedious, but damage to the cord or light bulb could cause an electric shock when plugged in, or worse, an electric fire.

Tip 2: Switch To LED Lights
If you’re in the market to purchase new Christmas lights, consider LED lights with epoxy lenses. LED lights are cool to the touch, compared to traditional Christmas lights, and use less electricity – a nice break for your electric bill.

Since most holiday fires are caused by overheated lights on a Christmas tree, switching to LED lights could prevent your tree from catching fire.

Tip 3: Follow The Rule Of Three
Most manufacturers agree that plugging in more than three sets of Christmas lights into a single extension cord may cause problems with overheating. However, it depends on both the strand’s wattage and the maximum watt capacity of the plug.

If you’re unsure of how to check the wattage of your home, you can use a power strip with a built-in circuit breaker instead of your wall outlet. Make sure you cross-reference the wattage of your Christmas lights to the amount of your power strip before you plug it in.

Tip 4: Look For Christmas Lights With A UL Safety Certification
Some Christmas lights will include a UL Safety Certification, meaning that the lights have been designed and manufactured to meet industry specifications for safety from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent product safety certification origination.

Lights that have these certifications will be safer to use in your home, compared to lights that don’t have this certification. سلوتس اون لاين If your current lights don’t have the UL Safety Certification, you might want to invest in ones that do, especially if your lights are older than a few years.

Tip: 5 Keep Your Christmas Tree Hydrated
Other than overheated Christmas lights, fires are also caused by dry Christmas trees. A dry tree will be more flammable compared to one that’s been properly watered. If you prefer a real Christmas tree, make sure you check the water every day to prevent the tree from drying out.

However, if you’re not too attached to a real Christmas tree, it’s actually safer to purchase an artificial Christmas tree made from fire-resistant materials.

Tip 6: Use Outdoor And Indoor Lights, Respectively
Christmas lights are labeled by their use, so you’ll notice a disclaimer that reads “for indoor use only” or “for indoor and outdoor use.” Make sure you read this carefully as indoor-only Christmas lights cannot be used for the outdoors.

Indoor-only lights aren’t insulated like outdoor lights and won’t work with moisture from the outdoors. In fact, if indoor lights are exposed to water, snow or any other outdoor element, they could possibly become hazardous.

Tip 7: Use Ladders Appropriately
Since falls are the highest emergency room-related injury during the holidays, it’s important to know how to safely use a ladder when hanging Christmas lights off the roof of your home or in any other space that would require a ladder.

Have a spotter with you at all times to hold the ladder for stability. When hanging Christmas lights, never extend your body further than parallel with the ladder to prevent tipping. Consider a wooden or fiberglass ladder when you’re working with Christmas lights to prevent an electric shock.

Tip 8: Use Christmas Light Clips Instead Of Nails Or Screws
When hanging outdoor Christmas lights on your roof, don’t use nails or screws to secure the lights as they can puncture the wires, causing the lights to malfunction, or worse, shock the person installing them.

Instead, opt for light clips found at any hardware store to secure the lights onto the house. The light clips are safer for the Christmas lights and will cause less damage to your roof, compared to nails or screws.

Tip 9: Secure All Loose Light Strands
If you need to use an extension cord or have a long strand of lights between your Christmas tree and outlet, make sure you secure all loose light strands with electrical tape to avoid tripping and falling.

If you have loose light strands outdoors, secure them with ground staples found at any hardware store. Simply place the staple around the light and push as far as you can into the grass or other soft surfaces to secure the cord.

Tip 10: Don’t Run Christmas Lights Through Windows Or Doors
If you don’t have access to an outdoor outlet, you may find it challenging to light up your home this holiday season. Remember that you can’t run Christmas lights or extension cords through windows or doors.

When closed on the light strand, windows and doors can cause wires to break or become frayed from constant pressure, making them a safety hazard for shocks or electric fires.

Tip 11: Use A GFCI Outlet For Outdoor Lights
There’s a specific outlet used for outdoor Christmas lights called a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. It prevents electric shock from electrical systems that could be exposed to wet conditions, like rain or snow, acting as a circuit breaker.

This is especially helpful if your outlet is outdoors. Make sure you protect yourself and your home from electric shorts by purchasing a GFCI outlet. You might need to hire a licensed electrician to install this outlet or you can install it yourself. لعب القمار على الانترنت

Tip 12: Don’t Forget To Turn Off The Lights
Christmas tree lights should not be left on for prolonged periods of time or overnight. Even LED lights can overheat, and with a combination of a dry Christmas tree, could cause a fire. Make it a habit to turn off your Christmas lights every time you leave the house or go to bed at night.

To make it easier, purchase a light timer for your Christmas tree lights and set it to a time to turn off every night and back on the next day. You can also buy a wireless control to shut off your lights through an app on your phone. Not only could this save your home from a fire, but it could also save you money in electricity bills. شرح موقع bet365

Tip 13: Be Sure To Store Lights Properly Until Next Season
When the holiday season is over, make sure you don’t slack on putting away your decorations. Check the local laws of your city for how long you can keep up your holiday decorations. Some cities will ticket homes who have their holiday decorations up past a certain date.

Store all outdoor and indoor Christmas lights in a well-sealed container to prevent water damage and rodent access.

Those Halls Won’t Deck Themselves: Pros Help With Holiday Lights

It is that time of year again, the time for outdoor holiday lighting, and homeowners now have options besides climbing a ladder in the cold to hang decorations.  Professional lighting installers say business is brisk as the economy skates along, with homeowners willing to pay to avoid the headache of untangling strings of lights and running extension cords.

Nick Schriver, founder of Decorating Elves in Tampa, Fla., said people increasingly outsourced chores like mowing lawns and picking up dry cleaning, so hiring someone to put up Christmas lights
was an extension of that trend. “The culture is becoming more service oriented.”

Mr. Schriver said he began hanging Christmas lights as a side job while in college some 16 years ago and eventually founded his own outdoor lighting company. Decorating Elves, he said, now has 10 full-time employees and adds 50 during the holiday season. (The firm also provides year-round outdoor lighting services).

“It’s becoming bigger,” he said, adding that the company is busy enough that it has to turn down jobs during holiday crunchtime.

While Christmas décor accounts for the bulk of his seasonal business, Mr. Schriver said, he also has some demand for Hanukkah-themed displays, like large menorahs illuminated with blue and white lights.

Outdoor holiday lighting is so popular that the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals, a trade group, gives an annual award just for that category (which Mr. Schriver’s company won in 2016 and 2017).

Safety may also be a factor behind the interest in professional installations. The Consumer Product Safety Commission last year estimated that in 2016 there were 14,700 holiday decorating-related injuries treated in emergency rooms, or an average of 240 per day during November and December. The most frequent decorating incidents were falls, the commission said, including three deaths involving falls from ladders.

Many professional companies not only hang and remove the holiday lights, but also store the decorations after the holidays.

How much does it cost to have a professional take over the decorations?

That will vary by region, the size of your house and the dazzle of the display. Basic décor, like lights that outline your roof and front door, may cost $500 or less if you own a single-story home. But if you have a larger house with lots of gables or want more eye-catching décor, the price can stretch to thousands of dollars.

At Christmas Decor, a professional holiday decorator with locations across the country and in Canada, the average cost of a display in the United States is $1,650, said Brandon Stephens, the
company’s president. Pricing tends to be higher on the coasts, he said, and lower in the nation’s interior.

“I’d say there’s a larger group of people more willing to spend on decorations,” he said. The company said its sales last year rose by 14 percent, with a similar increase expected this year.

While classic white lights remain popular, consumers have choices far beyond the traditional. Homeowners may now select tubes of glowing lights that mimic falling snowflakes, giant ornament
decorations or app-controlled light strips that blink in patterns synchronized with music.

“People are looking for that showstopper,” Mr. Stephens said. Specialty items include six-foot-tall, three-dimensional snowflakes.

Christmas Decor’s representatives take a photo of your house with a tablet, then superimpose lighting displays on the image. If the suggested display is too costly, the software can adjust the
proposed lighting until the represented results fit your budget.

While professional installations are costlier than doing it yourself, the advent of LED lighting, which is much more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, means powering the holiday décor doesn’t have to be as wallet-draining as it once was. Some people still prefer the look of incandescent lights, but professionals say the quality of LED lighting has improved significantly in recent years.  The bulbs no longer “flicker” and are available in a range of colors.

Here are some questions and answers about professionally installed holiday lighting:

How can I manage the cost of my outdoor holiday display?

Try teaming up with other homeowners on your street for a group quote for lighting installation. “If you and your neighbors get together, you may get a lower per-house rate,” said Sarabeth Asaff, chief writer with Fixr.com, a home services site. Putting the lights on a timer will help manage your electrical costs. And as with other home improvement projects, she said, seek three bids to get a true picture of what the job should cost.

What if I prefer hanging lights myself?

You have company. The National Retail Federation expects holiday spending, including money spent on decorations, to increase by about 4 percent this year. Christmas Lights Etc., an online décor seller, offers do-it-yourself suggestions on its website, including tips for attaching lights to your gutters.

You can also look for advice on choosing lights on Wirecutter, a New York Times affiliate. The site recommends conical LED lights from Christmas Designers.com as the best for outdoor use.

Just be careful on those ladders! سر لعبة الروليت

How much will LED lighting save me on my electric bill?

Quite a bit, said Steve Rosenstock, senior manager of customer technical solutions with Edison Electric Institute, an association that represents investor-owned electric companies. العاب القمار

A string of 100 large, traditional incandescent light bulbs costs about 9 cents an hour to run, compared with half a cent an hour for a string of mini lights, the institute calculates. But a similar string of LED lights would cost just about 0.05 cents an hour to run.

7 Different Types of Outdoor String Lights

Decorate your backyard with stunning string lights that will turn the cold night into a warm and lively one. They’re magical enough to have that glowing and dreamy ambiance. Choose from the different types of string lights that will instantly set mood and illuminate your outdoor area.

If you live in Southern California, you love spending your free time outdoors. You will probably have your friends over at your house in your backyard to enjoy some cool summery nights with you, by either playing cards or having a heart-to-heart chat. Or if that’s not your idea of the perfect California night, then playing with your kids late into the evening or having a party with your family surely must be.

In order to make the most of these fun activities, it is important that the atmosphere and ambiance of your outdoor space are up to the par. But don’t worry, uplifting your garden or backyard doesn’t demand a lot of hard work. An immediate way to achieve a desirable outdoor space is by installing some stunning string lights. Yes, you read that right!

Having a source of light in your beautiful outdoor area will improve the overall mood of your entire setting and prevent mosquitoes from bugging you. The luminous space will effortlessly beautify the surrounding, making it appear prettier than ever. كازينو البحرين If you get creative with your string lights, your outdoors may have the potential to shine brighter than anyone’s in your neighborhood.

String lights come in many types, but we suggest you choose from the ones that we have listed down below. Why, you ask? Well, that’s because these are some of the most sought-after outdoor string lights that can transform your outdoor setting in the most remarkable way.

1. LED Festoon Globe Lights

These LED lights are a great addition to any garden or backyard, specifically because of their romantic and dreamy charm. They beautifully create a welcoming atmosphere when hung from a ceiling or roped around a dining or seating area. If in case, you don’t have anything to attach these lights around your seating or dining area, you can get lighting poles to suspend them from and give a luminous effect instantly.
You can find LED festoon lights in multiple brands, but our top pick for you is Brightown. Brightown’s LED string lights typically come in a globe shape that reminds us of the cosmos – the earth, moon, and other celestial objects. They are surprisingly minimalist in style and design, but at the same time, add the right amount of elegance to any outdoor area. These clear bulbs tend to give out a warm, white glow, illuminating a vast amount of space in a twinkling.

The biggest advantage that you can get by investing in these particular lights is the facility to connect at least 20 strands of them together for an intense lighting effect. Considering their excellent quality and affordable price, it won’t be wrong to regard them as a wise investment.

2. Solar LED Lantern String Lights

With lantern string lights, you get the opportunity to create a surreal lighting experience that is ethereal in every sense of the word. These lights appear like traditional paper lanterns but are made from tarpaulin – a durable cloth-like material that can last in all seasons – even in winters, too.
The best part about these string lights is that they are solar-powered, helping you to save up on your energy bills. العاب تربح مال The surprising bit is that they stay on for a long period of time, for up to 15 hours on the steady mode while they can last up to 20 hours on the twinkling mode.

To have a fun, festive mood in your garden, install lantern string lights. These lights will give a classy and stylish feel to your outdoor area.

3. Colorful String Lights

Bright, colorful string lights are generally used during festive seasons like Christmas or Easter. If any of these special occasions are around the corner, go ahead and invest in these glow-ups and welcome the joyous event in your own glamorous way. When it comes to colorful string lights, you always have the option to mix and match the color bulbs. For example, for Christmas, you can go for red, green, and blue lights and for Easter, you can choose any fun combination of colors like orange, pink, and yellow or green, purple, red, and blue – the options are plenty.

But hey, you don’t always need a holiday season to make the most of these multi-colored string lights. If you are happy, and you know it, hang colorful lights!

People who have invested in these kinds of LED lights have shared that these lights are easy to install and are quite effective at illuminating an entire backyard or garden space.

4. Vintage String Lights

Are you aiming to give a timeless, retro spin to your patio or backyard? Look no further than vintage string lights. Also known as Edison bulb lights, these string lights have managed to retain their charming antique appearance for centuries. What makes these bulbs still so perfect even after all these years, you may wonder? It is the unique way in which they produce a warm glow. The wire instilled inside the bulb produces warm golden light which is quite pleasing to the eyes.

While these lights aren’t as bright as modern lights, they still effectively create a nice, romantic ambiance. What’s better is that they are quite durable and long-lasting in nature. But if you want a longer-lighting effect, go for lighting fixtures like the LED filament bulbs. These lights have the appearance of the classic Edison bulbs but consist of LED light emitters inside them.

5. Outdoor Fairy String Lights

Do you want to turn your patio, or garden, or backyard into a magical land? If you wish to do so, then install fairy string lights. While these kinds of string lights are commonly used in bedrooms, people have begun to consider them as a wonderful outdoor lighting option. So here is your chance to make the most of them in your outdoor open space.

The beauty of fairy lights lies in the fact that they appear like an attractive bunch of fireflies if hung around trees or green bushes. In this way, the lights stand out in a way that’s unique. It’s likely that many of your guests will have never experienced such lighting before.

You can also have these lights hover over your terrace or patio. When, at night, you will light them up, they will look like a sky of beautiful stars above you. You can go with this lighting idea when planning to have a romantic dinner with your partner or are having guests over for a party.

The primary purpose of most lights is to illuminate the surrounding area. But fairy lights work beyond that. They can be installed to make your backyard appear elongated. All you have to do is install the lights in a geometric pattern (which will look like a transparent roof) at the same height as your backyard’s roof, and watch as the magic happens!

6. Twinkle Star LED String Lights

Give your outdoor space a dazzling look by opting for something other than your average globe or bulb-shaped lights. Our top pick is twinkle star LED lights! These attractive string lights give the illusion of real stars, making you want to spend the entire night under these beautiful “stars.” These lights are fancy and bright, so we recommend hanging them for special times like an outdoor wedding anniversary or a Christmas party.

Star string lights come in a mix of both small and big stars, creating perfect harmony in your outdoor space. The brands that sell these rope lights ensure that these lights are equipped with waterproofing with a rating of IP44. Another selling point is that these twinkle star lights also come in eight different modes – twinkle/flash, steady on, slow fade, flash/chasing, sequential, slog lo, and in waves and combination. Owing to their vast range of modes, you can change the style and design of your illumination, depending on the mood and occasion.

7. Jar String Lights

Out of all the outdoor string lights, jar string lights are definitely the fanciest option. Owing to the beautiful effect these lights give off, it is not surprising that they are only seen on special occasions like weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, etc. It is not common to see them hanging in your outdoor space on a casual night. These string lights are easily available on the market, but, if for some reason, you are unable to find them, the good news is that you can make them on your own, too!

You will need jars – depending on how long you want your string to be – and some fairy lights. Box some fairy lights in each jar and tie them tightly to the string. Make sure that you invest in light-weight string jars and sturdy and durable strings so that the strings are able to handle the pressure imposed by the jars. القمار Commonly, people reuse wine bottles or any other glass bottle for a fun DIY bottle/jar lights. Another way to create these lights at home is to take some empty plastic water bottles, squeeze them randomly, and attach a colorful LED light to it. Use a different LED light for each bottle to create a colorful lighting effect. While these concepts are simple and easy to execute, the final result is always awe-inspiring. These lights have their own unique beauty which is captivating and magical.

Which one of these radiant string lights will you choose to deck up your outdoor space with? Hard to pick one, right? Consider a few things before you choose with lights you want to go with. The size of your outdoor space, the event you’re celebrating, and the type of ambiance you want to create. Once you’ve set your mind on these three factors, choose any one (or more) or the beautiful string lights mentioned above. You’ll be glad you did!

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