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Providing the best local lighting products since 1965

Parker Lighting, Inc. has been a supplier of lighting products for decades and is dedicated to developing the best lighting solutions possible for our clients. Parker William started this company in 1965 out of a garage in Inglewood, California and was originally called Parkers Lighting. The “s” was dropped after some time. During this time, large chains like Lowe’s or Home Depot were either not large scale or non-existent - creating an opportunity for local lighting needs to be met by individuals from the area. Parker Lighting, Inc. is now the largest lighting store in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

Over the following years, Parker Lighting, Inc. managed to go from a $100,000 business to over a 1 million + business while growing alongside the community. Three locations later and Parker Lighting, Inc. is still thriving and providing lighting products for a variety of Southern California businesses and residences. The decades of growth and work experience have given Parker Lighting the ability to take on any job providing  lighting solutions and meeting the needs of any given project. Parker lighting is one of the few companies able to provide specialty lighting fixtures with a showroom to give customers a chance to understand what they’re getting.

Where We Excel

Parker Lighting, Inc. provides the latest in LED technology while also having a vast catalog of legacy products that few other major lighting suppliers can provide. Here are just some of our specialties:
Parker Lighting, Inc. has a line of lighting products that exceed LEED standards, providing energy efficient lighting for all types of uses. These products include:
  • LED and induction fixtures
  • LEC
  • Photo-luminescent exit signs
  • LED and cold cathode lamps
  • Retrofitted induction lighting
  • Lamps, bulbs, ballast, sockets, poles
  • Emergency lights, batteries
We have supplied lighting products and services for a variety of businesses with differing needs. Our versatility is one of our core strengths, with experience to back it up:
  • Lighting for large, spacious areas
  • Campuses, including indoor areas like classrooms and offices
  • Outdoor, landscape, pathways
  • Parking lot lights as well as garages
  • Specialized indoor lighting
  • Gauging ideal color temperature
  • Tent and carnival lighting arrangements

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