Commercial Lighting


We make sure our hospital lighting fixtures meet the standards necessary to keep such an essential service illuminated. Medical professionals can do their job without worry!

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We have worked with a tremendous amount of local schools to meet the demands of educators and facilities managers to properly light such important educational centers.

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We realize that working with heavy machinery and a ton of products requires a space that is properly lit for safety. Our warehouse lighting experience ensures this works properly.

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Stadium lighting has a lot of moving parts considering the different sections of each venue. We have the knowledge and the goods, making the stadium experience a spectacular one.

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Airport lighting can be complex due to the demands of each airline as well as standard regulations. Our experience helps us navigate these obstacles for ease of travel!

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Your Local Destination for Commercial Lighting Services

Commercial lighting services are a main focus here at Parker Lighting, Inc. We take great pride in the bevy of work we have accomplished over our decades of servicing the Southern California area. Due to our time in the industry, we also have an encyclopedic knowledge of lighting fixtures, specialty bulbs, regulations and best practices. Parker Lighting, Inc. has a level of local experience that puts it above the rest of the lighting suppliers, giving us the ability to troubleshoot, price and provide the best lighting products to meet our customers’ needs. When it comes to physical, in hand products, a lot of our own specialty lighting fixtures are available for clients to inspect, as opposed to ordering online and hoping for the best. This works especially well with our commercial lighting services as it allows a client to determine if a particular light fixture is exactly what is needed for the project. Supporting a small business goes a long way in contributing to the community and is still ultimately cost effective. Using Parker Lighting Inc. on your next commercial project is the best choice around!
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