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Airport terminal lighting

Airport lighting is essential in guiding travelers where they need to go and making sure operations and navigation have the light sources they need. Airports are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no off time throughout the entire year; efficient lighting is a must. Each terminal is run by its own airline and thus has their own set of demands when setting up airport lighting. Because of this range in demands, a light supplier must have the variety in stock capable of fulfilling these needs – this is where Parker Lighting Inc. excels!

Understanding What Needs to be Done

Airport shop lighting

In terms of the differing demands between terminals, think of what the main features of those terminals are. There’s actually a retail factor to take into account (good thing we’re excellent at commercial lighting) as each terminal has its own set of retail stores, bars and restaurants. That doesn’t even take into account all the pathways and terminal seating areas which are required to be on 24/7. For these reasons, LED is often the best choice for airport lighting. This technology allows for less energy consumption and is generally low maintenance compared to most lighting products. Additional benefits of LED implementation are longer life spans, lack of hazardous materials, and durability. When it comes to design, such lights are versatile in design and wattage.

Certified by both California and Los Angeles County, Parker Lighting, Inc. has the credentials and experience to handle any job. We have worked with small businesses like the shops that populate airports as well as huge businesses and locations like stadiums, hospitals, and office buildings. No matter what aspect of airport lighting you need done, we can supply the materials and services to fit the bill.

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