Expert Consultation

Learn What Works Best with an Expert Lighting Consultant

Trust a lighting consultant from Parker Lighting, Inc. when putting together your next major project! We have been a staple of the Los Angeles community for over 50 years and have the experience, knowledge and resources to provide whatever services and products you need. We have been a lighting supplier for major projects regarding hospitals, schools, warehouses, stadiums, airports, residential homes and more! We sell lighting products that exceed current energy saving standards laid out by Title 24, and we plan to exceed your expectations as well. Your lighting solutions are not far away when you trust a lighting consulting from Parker Lighting, Inc!

What we Supply

When it comes to specific lighting products, our lighting consultants have experience with a number of different fixtures. This includes lamps and induction retrofit kits that can be installed in existing fixtures, LED and induction fixtures, photo luminescent exit signs and induction, LED and cold cathode lamps, socket extenders, emergency lights and much, much more! Your lighting consultant from Parker Lighting, Inc. will expertly assess what is needed in a given project, ensure that it is compliant with existing regulations, and provide options on what lighting products would work best with your requests. Because of our variety in stock, even specialty lighting is available for unique projects.

We understand color temperature demands, can utilize various control methods (occupancy sensors in particular work great for classrooms) and know what businesses need to do to keep costs down. For commercial lighting, our experts have knowledge of a huge number of issues not limited to: how often to replace bulbs, how to plan lighting for business hours, what mood the lighting should confer for your customers or audience, what lighting will cut the most costs for your business, and more. A lighting consultant from Parker Lighting, Inc. will have the answers to all these and more. From bulb to ballasts, we have the knowledge and resources to answer any of your questions and get things moving on your next big project!

If you’re looking for something specific, here’s a list of brands we offer:



  • Advance
  • Fulham
  • Universal
  • Sylvania


  • Columbia Lighting
  • Core Lite
  • Del-Ray Lighting
  • Enertron
  • Fluorescent Supply
  • LA Lighting
  • Lights of America
  • Metalux
  • Progress Lighting
  • Seagull Lighting
  • Simkar


  • CSL Lighting
  • Concord Fans
  • Contraste Lighting
  • DMF Lighting
  • Elco Lighting
  • Halo Lighting
  • Kichler Lighting
  • Lights of America
  • Progress Lighting
  • Seagull Lighting
  • Tech Lighting


  • Candex
  • GE
  • Lights of America
  • Philips
  • Sylvania
  • TCP
  • Ushio
  • Venture
  • Westinghouse


  • Intermatic
  • Lutron
  • Novitas
  • Precision Multiple Controls
  • Wattstopper


  • Dual-Lite Emergency Lighting
  • Duracell Batteries
  • Surelites
  • Swivelier Socket Extenders


  • Bega
  • Bronzelite
  • C.W. Cole Lighting
  • Dabmar Lighting
  • Focus Lighting
  • Hadco Lighting
  • Hubbell Lighting
  • Hunza
  • Janmar Lighting
  • Kim Lighting
  • Lights of America
  • Lumark
  • Lumiere Lighting
  • Orgatech
  • RAB Lighting
  • Vista Outdoor Lgt.


  • Elco Lighting
  • DMF Lighting
  • Halo Lighting
  • Iris Lighting
  • Liton Lighting
  • Nora Lighting
  • Portfolio


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