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Parker Lighting

57 Years of Illuminating the World – Parker Lighting

Parker Lighting has survived for 57 years and still going while continuing to produce some of the greatest lighting fixtures in the world. Parker lighting is regarded as cutting-edge yet inviting, as well as combining traditional and modern elements with a touch of homey. The Parker design strikes the perfect blend between style, friendliness, and performance. 

The majority of designs are inspired by the fusion of the new and the old. Because of this, their lighting has the appearance of both timeless classics and the most elegant modern home trends.

Additionally, it offers lighting for architectural sites. Parker Lighting offers items for step lighting, deck lighting, course lighting, and uplighting in addition to indoor lighting components. ivermectin for ticks on horses They also manufacture additional items with external functionality, such as lighting for commercial, industrial, and domestic use. ivermectin over the counter uk Additionally, they contain UV-C lighting, which is probably useful in shielding your loved ones.

Parker Lighting, Inc. offers the most recent advancements in LED technology in addition to a sizable selection of service products that most other significant lighting suppliers can offer. Here are just a few of our areas of expertise.

For a range of companies with various requirements, we have provided lighting goods and services. One of our key assets is our adaptability, and we have the background to prove it:

  • Lighting for large, spacious areas
  • Campuses, including indoor areas like classrooms and offices
  • Outdoor, landscape, pathways
  • Parking lot lights as well as garages
  • Specialized indoor lighting
  • Gauging ideal color temperature
  • Tent and carnival lighting arrangements

Parker lighting combines elements of lighting elements that react to performance and décor to create whatever design you desire. With Parker lighting, you can be sure to get the finest design for you by fusing the old with the new. can ivermectin kill fungi? To get more about their services you can call (310) 674-8193.

LED Lighting

LED Strip Lighting

The strength and power of LED strip lighting come from LED lighting, whose cutting-edge method of illumination will soon transform the whole lighting business. كازينو حي For the task and decorative lighting needs of commercial and residential clients, Parker’s LED lighting bulb technology provides the best and most advanced lighting solution.

Parker Strip Lighting uses LED lights, which have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours and emit NO UV rays. Customers who purchase works of art consider LED illumination to be the best answer to the warmth and UV radiation issues that can harm canvases and oils. They particularly value the longer burn period because LEDs don’t have filaments that generate heat. To dissipate heat and prolong light life, these fixtures come with an onboard heat sink. Backward compatibility is a benefit of LED technology. بوكر Any lighting strip that runs on 12 volts can be replaced with LEDs.Users benefit from increased results and reliable efficiency because of their specific surface area and high output diodes. They continue to gain prominence as the preferred lighting technology of manufacturers, designers, and experts because they are essentially maintenance-free and only require an unusual replacement.

For task, functional, artistic, and business lighting requirements, this lighting is available in 4 color average temperatures: 2950U t, 6500U t, 3500S t, and 5000K. Customers for parker strip lighting range from commercial businesses like precious jewelry store owners, production manufacturing facilities, and fine art galleries to domestic settings like private art collections, bookshelves, modern furniture illumination, and task lighting for offices and kitchens.

LED lighting sources might shortly replace all other types of lighting if innovation keeps moving forward at its current rate. Mass air-light uses a “green” alternative to the poisonous gases utilized in older technologies as environmental consciousness spreads throughout the world. اون لاين بلاك جاك

These kinds of lights, whose cutting-edge illumination method will soon revolutionize the whole lighting business, are the source of the strength and power of LED strip lighting. Diodes and semiconductors are used in this lighting bulbs to generate low wattage lighting with less heat. For functional and visual lighting requirements of both residential and business customers, Parker’s LED lighting bulb technology offers the best and most highly advanced value.


Lighting Homes in Chandelier Way

Parker Lighting, Inc. has been a leading supplier across Southern California for lighting homes, delivering exceptional residential and commercial illumination in a range of styles ranging from classical to modern. Since 1965, Parker Lighting, Inc. has been recognized as one of the most prominent local suppliers, so why would light art enthusiasts not choose Parker Lighting for their expanding light experience?


Parker Lighting, Inc. takes pride in providing lighting fixtures for homes. Property owners and designers have access to a wide range of one-of-a-kind lighting, light bulbs, and fluorescent lamps that are not available anywhere else. Because we have direct relationships with manufacturers, we can provide our customers with cost-effective options and the products are available in-house the to check the fixtures and bulbs, one of which we offer is the Kichler Lighting brand that includes complementing accessories, fluorescent lamp pendants, bath, and outdoor features and their chandeliers. The diverse design options introduce customers’ desires for brass, traditional Tiffany, and painted surfaces, as well as landscape lighting, all available for each imagination and spending plan. There should be no reservations about this because the chandeliers and landscape lighting are made by a well-known company with a long history in the industry of light.

Kichler Lighting’s ‘Westwood Collections’ date back to 1921. The quality of their cast brass table lamps and flooring lamps has improved over the previous and current decades, preserving the old-age elegance while spurring innovative developments. Its designs, as always, never jeopardize the cost; rather, the quantity and quality values are always aligned.

By combining function and shape, the landscape adds modern elegance to the home. The trendy exterior fixtures add protection to the homes while also providing an ordinarily majestic total satisfaction. Tiffany lighting, on the other hand, investigates the previous feel of traditional stained and art glass light while maintaining the classical sense of warmth and beauty.

Regardless of size, the Chandelette is ideal in terms of features— is as detailed and styled as full-sized chandeliers. Because our company is known for bringing light into any room or area of your home, we have the perfect light alternative no matter the size, the small chandelier could simply be by design.

Parker Lighting, Inc. has the solution to your desired light if you are tired of just plain fluorescent lamps and looking for something specific that can create a specific mood at home while having a contemporary design, we have a wide range to provide! Here is the list of the brands that we offer. Our experts can help you match your light imaginations.



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